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We believe the future is bright for the frontier. By expanding our advocacy base and replicating our programs in different communities we expect to see better federal and state policy on issues important to the frontier and effective programs that bring about positive change in our communities.

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The Nation's Only Organization Dedicated to the Frontier

Defining the frontier

The American frontier consists of the smallest, most geographically isolated communities in the country. Facing unique challenges related to distance, dis-investment, underrepresentation, and a changing economic landscape, the frontier makes up nearly 48% percent of the nation’s landmass yet holds only 2% of the population. Though spread out over a vast area, frontier communities share many common traits and challenges; fragile economies in need of innovation and investment, disconnection with decision makers and urban counterparts, changing demographics and disproportionate impact from federal land-use and agricultural policies.

Representing the frontier

Since 1997, The National Center for Frontier Communities (NCFC) has been the national advocacy voice for the frontier and has served as a central point of contact for referrals, information exchange, and networking among geographically separated communities. We're the only organization solely dedicated to frontier issues in the nation.

Informing the Frontier

For the frontier to adapt to changing times, better utilize local, state, and national assets, and have its voice heard by decision makers, there needs to be frontier-specific solutions, advocacy, and programs. NCFC’s mission is grown out of the belief that the only way to adequately represent and assist the frontier is to develop strategies that were developed in and initiated by the communities themselves. Our innovative and effective programs are informed from the ground up, by incorporating local voices, community leaders and underrepresented populations with the latest data and funding trends we see real, lasting change at the local level and more.

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VIDA promises to breathe renewed life into New Mexico’s frontier communities

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