Frontier Food Hub Feasibility: Recently Completed Study by NCFC

The National Center for Frontier Communities is proud to present the latest chapter in our ongoing efforts to help frontier regions retain their vitality and make the most of their inherent assets amidst an ever changing political landscape.

Food Hubs have been springing up all over the country and have helped numerous farmers, food buyers and communities maximize the benefits of locally grown food.  NCFC, along with the Southwest New Mexico Food Policy Council and with funding from the USDA completed a feasibility study to determine if a food hub could be successful in the frontier region of Southwest New Mexico.

While the vast majority of food hubs are in close proximity to large, urban markets we wanted to see if some iteration was possible in the frontier.  The study shed light on some of the many logistical, economic and market challenges any food related business would have in the region and what steps need to be taken in order for a food hub to thrive.

Many thanks to everyone involved with this project!


Southwest New Mexico Food Hub Feasibility Report


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