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NRG Consultants

NRG Consultants

NRG Consultants

NRG Consultants

NRG Consultants

NRG Consultants

Brief “Curbside” Consulting

This highly popular service provides nonprofits with free, brief, one-on-one consulting services on any topic by appointment. “Curbside” builds trust, addresses minor issues quickly and resolves issues by connecting nonprofit leaders with our nonprofit experts. Curbside Consulting helps get nonprofit start-ups off to a solid start and existing nonprofits on track to where they want to be. To request an appointment contact us at


The Nonprofit Resource Group (NRG) can provide your organization or community coalition with consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Searches
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Starting A Nonprofit
  • Board Development
  • Capacity Assessments (for nonprofits and community coalitions)
  • Coaching

NRG serves organizations and coalitions throughout New Mexico and specializes in working with rural and frontier nonprofits and coalitions across the nation. We work with nonprofits/coalitions at any stage of the life-cycle, from conception to those that have operated for years. We work to meet your needs and within your budget. NRG has consulted with hundreds of nonprofits, coalitions, intermediaries, associations, public sector agencies and faith-based organizations.

NRG is committed to providing high-quality, affordable consulting and we offer special pricing for nonprofits and coalitions within certain geographic areas of New Mexico.

E-mail us at to discuss your consulting needs.

Capacity Assessments

The Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Assessment (NOCA) and the Coalition Capacity Assessment (CoCA), developed by NRG are the first step in any capacity building engagement. Unlike most tools, the NOCA and CoCA are designed not only to measure a static set of technical indicators, often inappropriate for community-based, informally-run rural organizations and groups, but also key indicators of resiliency: adaptive, collaborative, innovative and advocacy.

NRG’s assessments are administered by a trained facilitator in a group setting, creating a capacity building opportunity in and of itself. Other assessments are generally online, much more costly and simply aggregate the data into a report with no context or interpretation.

Assessments create a “road map” for shared learning within the client organization, and post assessments measure improvement in critical areas: leadership and governance, operations, programs, community engagement and racial equity.

With support from the Town of Silver City and others, NRG is able to provide the NOCA and CoCA assessments at a reduced cost to Grant County nonprofits.

Training and Professional Development

Our training topics cover a wide array of nonprofit leadership and management issues, including governance, team development, resource development, marketing, outreach, community engagement and community coalitions. Our workshops offered primarily in southwestern New Mexico and can be mobile upon request. We are also fully equipped with distance learning technology and can provide webinars to participants in one or multiple locations.

Each year, The Nonprofit Resource Group develops a series of alternating 1-hour informational sessions and longer skill-building workshops for nonprofit organizations.

To see a list of the training events or to register, please visit [insert link]

If you are interested in specific trainings, workshops or facilitated planning sessions tailored for your nonprofit, please email or contact Kendra Milligan at (575) 597-0035 or Susan Wilger at (575) 597-0039 to discuss your needs and ideas.

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Nonprofit Resources

For directories of nonprofit resources check out the Center for Nonprofit Excellence and national database, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. For tips on working effectively with consultants, see the Free Management Library.

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