The Power of Rural includes the Frontier

November 16, 2017


In the United States, over 60 million people – one in five Americans – live and work in rural areas. These rural areas include the frontier, 812 counties located in 38 states that the National Center for Frontier Communities represents.  Along with their rural counterparts, frontier residents face unique healthcare issues, which creative communities and innovative healthcare providers seek to resolve. On November 16th, these rural healthcare needs and the resulting efforts to solve them are brought to light during National Rural Health Day, when our country joins together to “Celebrate the #PowerofRural”, which includes the #PowerofFrontier!


Sponsored by the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH), this day is dedicated to spotlight all that rural health encompasses including the hospitals, clinics, programs, provider, communities and patients. As a partner in the observance day, National Center for Frontier Communities wants to aim that spotlight at the most remote and isolated of the rural areas, our beloved frontier.


Great advancements to care access have been made with technology so the frontier doesn’t necessarily mean “remote.” Through growing telehealth and electronic health records initiatives, health professionals are able to coordinate patients’ care, stay connected with each other and urban tertiary care centers.  Healthcare partners are promoting policy changes and programs to better address the needs of rural residents. To learn more about these efforts, NOSORH has designed three 30-minute “Websights” to offer insights into the major issues facing rural America. Click the links below to register and attend during National Rural Health Care Day. Please note Websights’ times are in Easter Standard Time (EST).



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