“How Can You Retire When You Still Got a Kid in School?”: Economics of Raising Grandchildren in Rural Areas

Sandra J. Bailey, Deborah C. Haynes & Bethany L. Letiecq, 2013. Increasingly, grandparents are being called on to rear their grandchildren when parents are unable or unwilling to fulfill their parenting role. These grandparent caregivers often find themselves in an … Continue reading

Preventing Youths’ Use of Inhalants and Other Harmful Legal Products in Frontier Alaskan Communities: A Randomized Trial

KW Johnson et. al, 2009. This study tests for the efficacy of a school-based drug prevention curriculum (Think Smart) that was designed to reduce use of Harmful Legal Products (HLPs, such as inhalants and over-the-counter drugs), alcohol, tobacco, and other … Continue reading

Frontier and Rural Children’s Mental Health Services: Identification of Strengths and Challenges in Western Kansas

Cheryl Holmes et al, 2007. The purpose of this report is to identify recommendations specific to child and adolescent mental health in frontier and rural western Kansas. While densely settled rural counties have unique needs and are not to be … Continue reading

Organization and Delivery of Mental Health Services to Adolescents and Children with Persistent and Serious Mental Illness in Frontier Areas

Morton O. Wagenfeld, 2001. This is one of a series of Letters to the Field dealing with different aspects of delivery of mental health services to persons in frontier areas. This letter deals with the organization and delivery of services … Continue reading