The Role of Community Health Centers in Assessing the Social Determinants of Health for Planning and Policy

Sean Bruna et. al, 2014. This article examines the experience of a frontier-based community health center when it utilized the Tool for Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) for assessing social determinants of health with a local health consortium. … Continue reading

Wellness Meeting Summary: Creating Frontier Wellness Programs that Overcome Social and Geographic Disparities

National Center for Frontier Communities, 2007. This is a summary of the annual meeting of the Frontier and Rural Expert Panel, advisory committee to the National Center for Frontier Communities, held in 2007. The topic of the meeting was Meeting … Continue reading

Recent Changes Advance New Markets and Livability Initiatives

Rick Reeder, 2000. The Livable Communities initiative enacted in 1999 addressed a wide array of issues related to basic quality of life. Two of these issues are of particular importance to rural communities: preservation of natural amenities and the avoidance … Continue reading

Understanding Rural America

Economic Research Service, 1995. The report follows research conducted by the Rural Economy Division of the Economic Research Service on changes in rural America. Employment, population, and rural well-being are highlighted along with discussion of major county types: farming, manufacturing, … Continue reading