“How Can You Retire When You Still Got a Kid in School?”: Economics of Raising Grandchildren in Rural Areas

Sandra J. Bailey, Deborah C. Haynes & Bethany L. Letiecq, 2013. Increasingly, grandparents are being called on to rear their grandchildren when parents are unable or unwilling to fulfill their parenting role. These grandparent caregivers often find themselves in an … Continue reading

NCFC Board members argue for “A fair deal for the frontier”

In this article, NCFC Board members Deborah and Frank Popper argue that while “all of us depend on its agriculture, energy, mining and timber,” the needs of the frontier are often overlooked. “The American frontier persists, its needs largely invisible. … Continue reading

Nevada Rural and Frontier Health Data Book, 2011 Edition

John Packham and Mary Tabor Griswold, 2011. Contains data on demographics, social and economic characteristics, population health status and insurance coverage, and health care workforce for the state of Nevada. Tables display data by region and distinguish between rural, frontier, … Continue reading