NCFC Board members argue for “A fair deal for the frontier”

In this article, NCFC Board members Deborah and Frank Popper argue that while “all of us depend on its agriculture, energy, mining and timber,” the needs of the frontier are often overlooked. “The American frontier persists, its needs largely invisible. … Continue reading

New Deal Medicine: The Rural Health Programs of the Farm Security Administration

Michael R. Grey, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. Lessons from the New Deal era are reviewed and the author emphasizes how the system can be instructive in today’s rural health care development efforts. Access To Mental Health Services in Frontier … Continue reading

Miles from Nowhere: In Search of the American Frontier

Dayton Duncan, 1994. Fifteen western states, generally considered as comprising the ‘frontier’, are examined in this analysis. Historical coverage is followed by discussions with the current residents of the low population density West. New York: Viking Penguin. Miles from Nowhere: … Continue reading

The Strange Case of the Contemporary Frontier

Frank Popper, 1986. In this paper, published in the Yale Review, Frank Popper argues that the American Frontier continues to cover large areas of the country and to influence policies and attitudes concerning land use, natural resources, and the environment. … Continue reading