The Role of Community Health Centers in Assessing the Social Determinants of Health for Planning and Policy

Sean Bruna et. al, 2014. This article examines the experience of a frontier-based community health center when it utilized the Tool for Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) for assessing social determinants of health with a local health consortium. … Continue reading

Frontier communities use incentives to attract small law practices

As the frontier legal workforce dwindles, some states and communities are creating incentive programs to attract small law practices. South Dakota is offering lawyers an annual subsidy to work in rural areas, and other states are following suit with programs … Continue reading

State Rural Development Councils Are Creating Public-Private Partnerships

Beryl A. Radin, 1996. The State Rural Development Councils (SRDC) have achieved some success in dealing with a wide array of rural issues in addition to those related to agriculture and including human services and environmental quality. SRDC partnership efforts … Continue reading