Community Health Worker Model for Care Coordination – A Promising Practice for Frontier Communities

The National Center for Frontier Communities in consultation with the Frontier and Rural Expert Panel, 2012. This comprehensive literature review describes the Community Health Worker (CHW) model, current care coordiantaion policies and applications, and the role CHWs can play in … Continue reading

Health Care Challenges Abundant in the Alaskan Frontier

Candi Helseth, Rural Assistance Center, 2007. Discusses health care workforce shortages in Alaska’s Wrangell and Petersburg frontier communities. Highlights Alaska’s Community Health Aide Program (CHAP), which serves the state’s Native population, using more than 550 Community Health Aides/Practitioners, employed by … Continue reading

Training Community Health Workers: Using Technology and Distance Education

Frontier Education Center, 2006. This paper provides a brief overview of some programs and issues related to the use of technology and distance education to train community health workers in frontier areas. Issues include the use of consistent definitions, the … Continue reading