Providers’ perceptions of prevalent mental and behavioral health problems: Differences and similarities across urban, rural, and frontier areas.

Theodore W. McDonald et al, 2014. Most research exploring possible differences in the prevalence of mental and behavioral health problems between urban and rural areas has indicated that there are no differences. Unfortunately, most of this research has measured urbanness–ruralness … Continue reading

Behavioral Health Aides – A Promising Practice for Frontier Communities

The National Center for Frontier Communities in consultation with the Frontier and Rural Expert Panel, 2012. This report describes a developing class of allied behavioral health workers – Behavioral Health Aides (BHAs). The report concludes that models that include BHAs … Continue reading

Nevada Rural and Frontier Health Data Book, 2011 Edition

John Packham and Mary Tabor Griswold, 2011. Contains data on demographics, social and economic characteristics, population health status and insurance coverage, and health care workforce for the state of Nevada. Tables display data by region and distinguish between rural, frontier, … Continue reading