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New Governance for Rural America: Creating Intergovernmental Partnerships

Beryl Radin, ed., 1996. In the 1990s, a new relationship between government and the public emerged: decreased federal control and more intergovernmental collaboration along with increased involvement of state, local, and private agencies. The authors in this edited collection contend … Continue reading

State Rural Development Councils Are Creating Public-Private Partnerships

Beryl A. Radin, 1996. The State Rural Development Councils (SRDC) have achieved some success in dealing with a wide array of rural issues in addition to those related to agriculture and including human services and environmental quality. SRDC partnership efforts … Continue reading

Focusing on ‘Frontier’: Isolated Rural America

James A. Ciarlo, et al., 1996. The article reviews various definitions of ‘rural’ and ‘frontier’. Discussion follows on the topics of rural isolation, the economic structure of rural communities, rural and frontier value systems, and poverty. Frontier rural areas, the … Continue reading

Rural Development in the United States: Connecting Theory, Practice and Possibilities

William A. Galston and Karen J. Baehler, 1995. The authors consider future development directions for rural areas. A summary of research in rural development over the past 20 years provides background for integrating development theory and practical experience in order … Continue reading

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