NCFC was founded in Ojo Sarco, New Mexico, in 1997 as the Frontier Education Center. The Center’s founding was a result of years of activism around the lack of access to health care and other vital human services in frontier communities. Click here for a timeline of the contemporary frontier movement.

In 2006 the Frontier Education Center changed its name to the National Center for Frontier Communities, but the goals remained the same – to provide national leadership and build collaboration on issues important to frontier communities.

In 2011, NCFC relocated its offices from Ojo Sarco to Silver City, New Mexico. NCFC’s Silver City Offices are co-located with the Center for Health Innovation (CHI), which assumed responsibility for NCFC’s administrative tasks after the move. In addition to administrative support, our affiliation with CHI has provided NCFC with an enthusiastic community partner willing to pilot new and innovative frontier programs, and has created exciting new opportunities for partnerships with other national organizations.

Currently, NCFC is expanding its focus from frontier health systems to frontier wellbeing more broadly, with programs and services in areas such as frontier food deserts and management of frontier non-profit organizations.