Disseminating best practices to frontier health care providers

NCFC is collaborating with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center on the HEROs TRaILs project. The goal of the project is to understand how to best disseminate evidenced-based information on chronic, non-cancer pain management to the health care providers of vulnerable, underserved, multiethnic populations. NCFC staff and partners are working with health care providers in several frontier and rural New Mexico communities on the project.

The abuse of prescription pain medication is an increasing problem nationally, and frontier New Mexico is no exception. In addition, while the research base on best practices for managing chronic pain has expanded, it can take over a decade for these findings to reach frontier health care providers. The HEROs TRaILS project seeks to identify strategies to accelerate the dissemination of this type of evidenced-based information. The goal is to improve the care of frontier and rural patients suffering from chronic pain while also curbing the misuse of prescription pain medications.

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