Frontier Studio

Every year, Professors Frank and Deborah Popper of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University teach a graduate planning studio that focuses on frontier.  During this time, NCFC acts as the client for the studio guides them through frontier specific research that aids the mission of NCFC.

2016 Frontier Studio Report

In 2016 the students explored specific issues as they related to the frontier such as drone usage, broadband access, tele-health services and food insecurity through a myriad lens of geography, economics and logistical systems.

2017 Frontier Studio Report

In 2017 we took a more broad approach to ask the question, who is the frontier?  The students chose several case study counties based on a defining characteristic and explored history, demographics, economics and also took an in-depth look at the potential impacts of climate change and how it will impact these counties in terms of water, energy and economy.