Frontier Food Systems

So much depends on our food systems: health, economic opportunity, well-being.   When they are designed for and informed by the populations they serve they have great power to generate vibrant health, robust economies and a sense of well- being.  When they are neglected just the opposite happens.

Frontier communities are especially sensitive to food systems changes and are being harmed by increasing food system globalization, low quality food bank donations and limited access to fresh healthy foods.

Our approach to developing a stronger frontier food system combines policy change, grower training, buyer education and innovative logistical problem solving to increase market access and weed out the parts of the food system that work to the detriment of the frontier communities which they are supposed to serve.

Our vision is to see a re-vitalized frontier food system that adds value to our communities.  Do you live in a frontier community that needs food system revitalization?  Send us an email

Our current efforts to improve frontier food systems include:

Southwest New Mexico Food Policy Council:

FPC Mission: Promoting policies and mobilizing resources and infrastructure that guarantees healthy, affordable food through local, sustainable agricultural economies for everyone in Hidalgo, Luna, Catron and Grant counties.

This food policy council is one of the only in the nation to be located and focused solely on the frontier and is unique in its regional focus.  We are comprised of local food producers, public health professionals, non-profit professionals, government employees and other concerned citizens.

Food policy has immense potential to benefit small and remote communities by increasing economic opportunities for producers, improving access to fresh, healthy foods for everyone, diverting food waste and much more.

Are you interested in attending a meeting?  Let us know

Are you located in a frontier community outside of Southwest New Mexico and think your community could benefit from a Food Policy Council?  Let us know

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Food Pantry Capacity Building and Food Bank Work:

As a result of our 2015 Health Impact Assessment, NCFC identified several gaps in the emergency and supplemental food system at the local, state and national levels. We are currently implementing a region wide food pantry capacity building program to address these issues at the local level and based on the HIA recommendations, we are advocating for public policy changes to ensure frontier access to more nutritious food, improved infrastructure, and to fight the  underlying causes of hunger among frontier residents

Stay tuned for updates.

Comida Buena:

As of October 1, 2016, NCFC has been funded by the USDA to implement a 3-year local food promotion program called Comida Buena, designed and implemented by NCFC.  This is the first program of its kind and will increase local food production and purchasing in frontier Southwest New Mexico.